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wielkie możliwości

Niewielki nadajnik czyli
rzeczywistość znaczona beaconami


Beacon is an energy-efficient, small, cheap and business revolutionising device. Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, it communicates with a smartphone within its coverage. Beacons in combination with a dedicated application enable communication with a user located nearby. Messages are matched to the precise location and context. The technology guarantees the safety of users and their data on mobile devices.



Messages on the phone – we send information to the customer’s phone about the current promotion, messages inviting to visit the store, when the customer is in its neighbourhood, etc.
Facility navigation – we build an application using beacons to navigate the customer in the shopping center, we show the path to selected departments/shops.
Generating statistics and analyses – we collect data on customer behaviour and purchases for further analysis. We create so-called “heatmaps” showing the way customers move around the store and the time spent in a specific place.
Integration with POS systems – we give you a tool to analyse your customers’ behaviour and purchases in order to be able to prepare a dedicated promotional offer.
Loyalty programs – using beacons we support loyalty programmes in a given store, there is a possibility to integrate with CRM systems.
Gamification – we use beacons to build gaming mechanisms and plays for customers in order to increase their involvement.
Locating patients and staff – we use beacons to immediately locate medical staff within the facility. A beacon in the form of a wristband or a card worn by the patient enables him/her to be quickly located or informed for example about unwanted receding.
 Locating medical equipment – thanks to beacons installed on medical devices, we are able to determine their location immediately.
Control of employees’ working time – thanks to the beacon system, we enable control of employees’ working time. The system records the time of an employee’s entry into the building and his/her exit, placing this information in an internal database. Beacons can also collect information about how long they have been in each room or area of the hospital.
Data generation and analysis – information exchanged during the use of beacons can be used to create statistics and be subject to further analysis.
Patient navigation in the hospital – navigation with beacons located inside the facility allows you to locate appropriate offices and rooms, allowing you to move around more efficiently throughout the facility.
Creation of sightseeing routes – installation of beacons by the exhibits enables the visitor to be guided along a defined route. Beacon, when it detects an approaching person, displays detailed information about the exhibit on the phone in the form of sound, text, photos and video.
Visitors’ navigation around the museum – with the use of beacons located inside the museum, we can locate specific exhibits and show the way to get to them.
Messages on the phone – a beacon placed in front of the museum can send a message about the current exhibition, inviting people in the neighbourhood to visit with information about the current exhibition.
Generating statistics and analyses – on the basis of information generated by beacons, it is possible to keep statistics and analyse the collected data. On the basis of these data we can determine, for example, which exhibit was the most interesting for the visitor and which one was of the smallest interest (the exhibit was omitted).
Facility navigation – thanks to the beacons application, we can navigate the visitor in the facility. We help you to find the sector in which you bought the place, medical point, room of a given panel, etc.
Messages on the phone – the possibility of receiving messages from the organizers on the smartphone.
Generating statistics and analyses – on the basis of information generated by beacons, it is possible to keep statistics and analyse the collected data.
Tagging of goods – by marking the goods with beacons, we can quickly obtain information about them, e.g. date of entry into the warehouse, date of planned shipment, supplier, customer, but also such as expiry date.
Locating goods and equipment – using beacons we can immediately locate goods and equipment inside and outside the warehouse.
Optimisation of transport routes – thanks to “heatmaps” showing the way goods flow in the warehouse, we can analyse and optimise them in terms of transport time, safety of people and goods, etc.
Warehouse navigation – using a beacon-based application on a smartphone, we give you the opportunity to plan your route to a specific location in the warehouse according to a previously optimised track.


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